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Our Various Exterior Cleaning Services

Building / HOA Cleaning

Pavers, brick, or concrete… none of these materials are impervious to the growth of algae and other organic matter. As a result, these surfaces lose their attractiveness and can turn green or black with mold or algae, which can make them dangerously slick. The curb appeal and market value of a home are diminished when it has this type of green and black organic growth. This can potentially cause damage to the surfaces if left untreated. Your property’s appearance will be drastically improved by our pressure washing technique that will remove all of the accumulated dirt, algae, and moss from the surface. When exposed to the elements, wood commonly turns gray or even black as it ages. This is due to a number of factors. As a result of being exposed to direct sunshine, wood takes on an aged and weathered appearance. Mold might also be a factor. As time passes and a wood deck is exposed to a lot of trees, mold spores grow and flourish in the wood, causing deterioration and rot to take hold. In addition to removing mold and sun-bleached wood from wood decks, our pressure washing procedure restores the inherent beauty of the wood.
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Fleet Washing

Curb appeal begins with a clean home exterior. Regularly washing your home’s siding, brick and other materials can keep it looking more attractive for longer, and have you become the envy of your neighbors! But cleaning the outside surface does a lot more than remove dirt, fungus, and other contaminants. Although dirt and pollutants are generally more of an aesthetic concern than anything else for homeowners, the threat posed by fungi and organic contaminants has severe implications for your house’s exterior and the surrounding areas.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Roof cleaning can help extend your roof’s ability to continue functioning. Fungus and other types of build-up typically form on the areas that are shaded and will reduce your roof’s life expectancy drastically. The presence of soot from your chimney, dirt build up, or specific fungus will affect how much sunlight is being absorbed by your roof and that effects the amount of heat your home absorbs. Roof cleaning is an excellent choice for extending the lifespan of your home’s roof. If you leave it untreated, your shingles will accumulate more fungus growth and therefore retain excess moisture, which will cause roof deterioration. Let us here at Hudson Valley Powerwashing save your roof!
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